ATaste of American Cuisines

The Soul of AC is a taste of flavor from American culture from the Soul of Autumn Ciera. The Soul specializes in providing a luxury private dining experience in the comfort of your own space. We offer meal preparation plans and meals as well as catering services.

Imagine the exclusive experience of customizing your own menu and indulging in a exquisite dinner but without the hassle of indecisiveness and driving to and from a restaurant.You will have the ultimate pampered experience of no grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning a single dish. Chef AC will give you a taste of flavor from American culture but with a twist.

◦ The Soul provides customized menus for your exclusive event to satisfy all of your palates

◦ Chef AC only uses fresh and flavorful ingredients to meet your exquisite taste and provides outstanding customer service

◦ You will indulge in a culinary experience that will nourish your soul and leave you raving for more!

MeetYour Chef

Autumn Ciera, Founder and Owner
From the Biology Lab to the Culinary Lab, I began searching for purpose and new opportunities in the midst of COVID-19 while also graduating from Clemson University with a B.A in Biological Sciences. Refusing to abandon my degree, I decided to combine my life-long culinary experiences from the southern teachings of my grandmothers with my science background and expertise. In March 2021, I created The Soul of American Cuisines, LLC as my personal chef and catering business. Within my first year, I have collaborated with McCormick Seasonings, created my women’s culinary fashion line, provided my exceptional services to some of your favorite professional athletes/celebrities, while also being featured in a few magazines and podcasts. Every meal is prepared with history, tradition, and love. Each dish touches a different part of your soul; while eating with Chef AC, I intend to bring the soul of Southern American Cuisines to your table with style. I provide the flavor of succulent, fresh, and quality meals and leave you with unforgettable experiences and everlasting memories.

MeetYour Sous Chef

Jordan McDuffie (Sous Chef Duff)
Jordan McDuffie (Duff), recently joined Chef AC’s team as her head sous chef.
Similar to Chef AC, Duff fell in love with the arts of culinary at a young age
through the teachings of her mother and grandmother. A 2022 culinary
graduate from Johnson & Wales University, Duff received her B.S in Food Service
Management and A.S in Baking and Pastry. Chef Duff travels and assists our
private and catering events. She also specializes in infused cuisines (in legal
states only) and pastries. Per joining our team, she is mostly excited about
traveling, exchanging knowledge and learning on our team. She looks forward
to collaborating her management & restaurant experience with Chef AC’s
creativity within the kitchen and creating a dynamic duo.

Whythe Soul?

Our approach is simple: make every meal an experience to remember. Whether it’s a small lunch break or a small party, each order will be approached with care and meals will be crafted accordingly. We cook with fresh products and have a unique style you won’t find elsewhere!

Each menu developed by our team consists of the smallest details in which we invest our soul into every dish and every drink, from small parties to huge events.

We are 100% dedicated, so you can be sure that any of your wishes will be heard and fulfilled as best as possible.

We are keen in only using the freshest ingredients for our meal preparation, so we are confident in every dish that comes to your table.

We’re not satisfied until you are. We assure you that you will come back wanting more!

  • Food was amazing! First thing I noticed was that it was FLAVORFUL and not salty. People get the two mixed up. Mac and cheese was VERY unique and didn't taste like "usual" mac and cheese. I loved it. Will definitely be ordering the next go round.
  • The food was AMAZING!! Even the ranch was incredible! You are truly gifted, Autumn!